08.30.09 Welcome Friends.

Here’s to the beginning of my attempt at drawing every day.  I will be posting a new illustration/drawing/painting every day from now until I decide to stop.  If at any point in time I am unable to post on a particular day or set of days, I will either compensate beforehand or afterward.  One year from now there will be 365 images (at least) on this blog.

I hope all of you watching will enjoy this as much as I plan to.

All the best.


and to kick things off……a zombie.


Media:  pencil & mixed digital media

Copyright © 2009 Michael Murphy.


2 thoughts on “08.30.09 Welcome Friends.

  1. I’m lovin’ this idea and really digging the zombie. You inspire me my friend.

  2. thank you sir. 2 down, 363 to go 🙂

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