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Painted Glass #1

I’ve been working on some more “crafty” pieces lately, trying to sell some stuff. I’ve started doing monograms and designs painted on glass, and framed in shadow boxes.  They are coming along nicely. I’ve got stencil making materials coming soon so that I can transfer my designs onto pallet wood signs I’m building also.

This one is 10×10, white paint pen and metallic gold accents.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 8.41.27 AM

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Abstract Sketch

To see a lot of forthcoming sketch work, WIPs and finished work, follow me on Instagram @michaelscottmurphy.

abstract sketch

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Abstract Series #1-3

Abstract #1 on throw pillow


Abstract #2 – iPhone 5 case


Abstract #3 – iPad skin



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11.07.2010 Design By Human Submissions

The following designs in this post are the submissions I’ve been putting together for competition on designbyhumans.com.  If you have an account, or would like to make an account to vote for me, click here and vote!

I will have the exact links for specific submissions available as designs get approved.  As of right now, the only two available for voting are the Zombie and Moon designs.








© 2010 Michael Scott Murphy

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09.04.10 Abstract Flower Painting

This is an old piece that I started years and years ago, and lost the original photo I was working from, so I finally decided what to do with it and this is the progress.


Media: Acrylic paint on canvas board

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11.01.09 Eyez

A bunch o eyezes.

Media:  ballpoint pen, photoshop

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