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WIP – update

WIP - update

Remember that photoshop collage/sketch thing I posted a while ago? Well here’s a snapshot of the inking being done for it.

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12.19.2010 – Pt. III Snapshot 2 – GNOME full color

So, I think the color on the gnome is pretty well completed, as is the rest of his body. Gotta scan it, and the other pieces (still actually have a few pieces to make yet) and assemble in the Photoshop file for the glorious Pt. III!

India ink and brush, and watercolor. NO DIGITAL (…yes!)
© 2010 Michael Scott Murphy

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11.19.2010 Snapshot Pt. II

After spending all kinds of time with a brush and ink, photoshop, and coffee, here’s yet another snapshot of what’s to come in a few days (and hopefully much much more of from now on).

© 2010 Michael Scott Murphy

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11.18.2010 Snapshot of what’s to come

Here’s a little snapshot of a piece I have in progress. I’m looking forward to finishing this and getting the full piece up for viewing sometime by early next week.

© 2010 Michael Scott Design

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