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Boneyard Boogey 11 – Poster Design and Illustration

This was a fun one for sure. Fully digital illustration, done in Photoshop and Illustrator, using my Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. Can’t wait to get my copy of the 24×36 print.

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E Monogram

This is the first monogram that I’ve done where I’ve taken the design through a full inking, working out design decisions and such before committing it to glass. The glass one won’t be as tightly detailed as this, but I’ve got all the major decisions made so it should be a relatively simple transfer.  This is also the most themed one that I’ve done, per a special request from a family member.


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Sadie-Sadie the Pattern Lady

This is a recent illustration I did for my sister to give to her sister-in-law as a gift celebrating the birth of their new baby girl, Sadie.  It’s also a poem that’s taught in grade school, and children are asked to draw what they hear described to them from the poem.  So this is my interpretation.  I haven’t done anything this kid friendly since I drew the cute monsters for my daughter’s nursery.


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Abstract Sketch

To see a lot of forthcoming sketch work, WIPs and finished work, follow me on Instagram @michaelscottmurphy.

abstract sketch

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TUSK Poster Concept

Kevin Smith is a huge hero of mine, and I’ve been a fan of his films for years. This forthcoming indie horror flick, “Tusk” came about because of a ridiculous conversation that he had with his long time friend (and occasional colleague) Scott Mosier, on Smodcast episdode 259.  They meandered through an idea about making the story of the Walrus and the Carpenter from Alice in Wonderland a low budget horror movie, and Twitter gave a resounding YES to the idea. A mere month after that episode, the flick now has a fully written script and is in pre-production. This movie literally came out of thin air, and is already on its way to being made. This is my vision of a poster for the flick. Not commissioned, simply fan art.

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WIP – update

WIP - update

Remember that photoshop collage/sketch thing I posted a while ago? Well here’s a snapshot of the inking being done for it.

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Honey Badger – 2 color

#HBDC for my sister’s Junior class


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