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digital comp sketching

Decided to try a new approach to developing ideas for illustrations I want to do. I’m going to do digital comps using reference photos, color, and some light photoshop work to get my idea solidified before I even start drawing. I feel like this may make the “blank canvas” a little less daunting when it comes time to actually start drawing. Here’s a teaser of what I’ve got working. I’m planning on taking my time with this one, and with trying to balance work and family life ahead of personal artwork, it will likely be some time before this piece is finished. Fingers crossed that I get to the finish line though.


Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 4.12.05 PM

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08.24.10 Hawaii Moon

While I did paint this a while ago, like, a month or two ago, I am going to post it now. My new job has taken up a lot of my time lately, and my side work has had to take a backseat. Gotta earn the bucks 🙂

Media: Acrylic paint

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