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Sadie-Sadie the Pattern Lady

This is a recent illustration I did for my sister to give to her sister-in-law as a gift celebrating the birth of their new baby girl, Sadie.  It’s also a poem that’s taught in grade school, and children are asked to draw what they hear described to them from the poem.  So this is my interpretation.  I haven’t done anything this kid friendly since I drew the cute monsters for my daughter’s nursery.


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Courage, Brains and a Heart





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12.19.2010 – Pt. III Snapshot 2 – GNOME full color

So, I think the color on the gnome is pretty well completed, as is the rest of his body. Gotta scan it, and the other pieces (still actually have a few pieces to make yet) and assemble in the Photoshop file for the glorious Pt. III!

India ink and brush, and watercolor. NO DIGITAL (…yes!)
© 2010 Michael Scott Murphy

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12.16.2010 GNOMES – Snapshot from Pt. III

In progress. Will be the piece from the series with the most work done in traditional media. Also will probably be the least dark.

© 2010 Michael Scott Murphy

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11.28.2010 MSM Illustration Promo Pt. II

Here is the second part of the three part series for MSM Illustration!

© 2010 Michael Scott Murphy

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09.04.10 Phoenix in Progress

This has been in progress for almost 2 years now. Anyone who knows me will not be surprised by this fact.  But it was a request from my wife, and I plan on finishing it for her soon. But here is an in progress look at the painting. I’m using watercolors and it can be rough at times. It’s not always a very forgiving medium, which is why as a general rule of thumb, it scares me.

Media: Watercolor on gesso covered stretched paper

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